First Post: Let’s Play Catch Up

I can’t believe I have been at school since late August. The time has flown by. Before I left, I had been toying with idea of starting a blog but never really followed through. So here it is, November 8th 2010 and I’ll do my best to describe the gist of my experience here so far.

August 26th: The Roommates

My roommates are fabulous. One is from Beijing and the other is from Las Vegas. Talk about diversity! We had to share a bathroom with two other girls at first and things were not really working out in our favor. But, now it’s only one other girl and things are absolutely great.

Early September: The Roomie and I

Jonny came for my birthday weekend and took me out to dinner at Candle 79 and to see In the Heights! It was so much fun.

September 11th: In the Heights

The roommate and I very narrowly missed being swept away by a tornado on our way to my doctor’s appointment. We very luckily made it inside before trees literally started flying! When we were walking back to the subway tree branches, trash, and broken windows were everywhere, cars were crushed, the entire area was gridlocked, and sirens were going off from every direction.

September 18th: Tornado

My Discover New York class has all sorts of experiential learning opportunities. We’ve had a few lectures on things like sustainability and NYC, and we’ve also gone on trips to Central Park and had Ellis Island rented out for the whole freshman class. Each professor for DNY focuses on a different aspect of the city and mine focuses on the Lower East Side. So, we’ve also attended the Nuyorican Poet’s Cafe on a friday night and done volunteer service at Middle Collegiate Church. I met one of my best friends through DNY!

Mid October: Caity and I at the Nuyorican

Caity and I go on some serious excursions. We’ve seen Belle & Sebastian at the Williamsburg Waterfront.

Early October: Bell & Sebastian

Walked across the Williamsburg Bridge with the most delicious cupcakes from Babycakes to see Los Campesinos.

Mid October: Los Campesinos

Been to the Halloween Parade in the Village.

October 31st: She was Pippi, I was a Pirate

And been to the Metropolitan Opera to see La Boheme. Not to mention the time we’ve spent exploring LES, doing community service, eating the best vegan ice cream at Lula’s Sweet Apothecary, shopping, and going to the Rocky Horror Picture Show.

November 1st: The Metropolitan Opera

La Boheme was fantastic but at each intermission I was on the phone with EM(ExtraordinaryMoments)Mom sobbing because I hadn’t received my absentee ballot! With it being my first chance to vote, and with EMDad running for state assembly this was a huge deal. In the end, a ticket was booked for the next day at 4:00pm from Laguardia airport. It was my first time missing any classes but it was SO worth it just to go home and see my parents and the suddenly HUGE puppy Cheya. I also severely missed my oven, stove, and bathtub.

Columbus Day Weekend: EMMom and I ❤

In addition to all my out of school events, I have also been to a few men’s soccer games, joined Showchoir, and joined College Republicans. As for classes, I have loved them all so far, World History, American Government, Contemporary Government, Public Speaking, and Discover New York. The professors are fantastic and I’ve gotten A’s and A-‘s in all. But we’re so far past midterms (both the tests and the election) it’s already time to start thinking about finals and registering for classes next semester!

Emily ❤

Question: Do you document your daily life? If so, how?

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