Somewhat Uneventful

Let’s start off with what went down last night. Lucy has been spending days collecting, borrowing, and buying certain things for a costume. She is going to a cosplay convention on Saturday and she calls herself “The Gold Mountain.” Suffice it to say that our room was filled with copious amounts of laughter as she modeled for us. She is creative.

After my long day yesterday it felt nice to sleep in. I had Contemporary Government at 3:00 and Public Speaking at 4:45. I had to give a speech today about increasing the tax on gasoline. Ultimately I said that I support an increase in taxes because it would reduce our dependence on the foreign market and would push the electric car hype in turn bettering our economy. And… I got an A! The best anyone has been getting is A-s on our speeches so I broke the half letter grade barrier! After classes I headed to the gym for a quick workout.

The high temperature today was near 60! Plus the skies were blue, the sun was shining, and people were playing football on the great lawn. I love this weather. I almost regretted sleeping so long after I stepped outside.

I have no big plans for tonight which is probably a good thing because my Aunt is coming to pick me up early-ish tomorrow. Then we will all be going to my cousin’s confirmation in Connecticut and going back to her house for the night. It will be nice to get out of the dorms for a night. My sister is also going with one of my Uncles (yay!). I can’t wait to see her and the family!

Emily ❤

Question: Do you refer to this season as Autumn or Fall?


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