Back to the Daily Grind

Well, after an early yet enjoyable morning I’m back at school. I made vegan french toast this morning with organic peanut butter and strawberry jam while my cousins had chocolate chip pancakes. Yum! After breakfast, we got in touch with our creative sides.

Timmy found this huge piece of cardboard in the basement and after pondering what to do with it for a while we finally decided on giant mural. Armed with crayons and a collaborative idea, we ended up with this beautiful aquarium scene. Look at all that seashell and seaweed detailing. Way to reuse, I love creativity!

For lunch I’ve just finished some fruit and both hot and cold cereal (I couldn’t decide). Clearly I’m on a complex carb kick. Now its time to finish some reading for History and 70 pages on Judicial Expansionism for American Government! I also have the dreaded Show Choir tonight. Hopefully rehearsal isn’t too long, I’ve got a 7:30am class tomorrow…

Emily ❤

Question: What do you do, or did you do as a kid, to reduce, reuse, or recycle?

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