Simple Joys

Spending a few hours with family has definitely made my weekend. My aunt picked me up from school around 1:30 and took me to a health food store to get snacks! I love when people feed me. Then we headed back to her house to pick up the boys (my two little cousins and my uncle). I felt like they had adopted me for the weekend as we piled in the car and headed to the restaurant to meet up with the rest of the family.

As you can see, Timmy and I got a little bored on the car ride there. I think the product of this boredom was worth it though. This photo is great!

The restaurant we went to had amazing looking Italian food. As everyone was munching mozzarella and ricotta stuffed foods I contently devoured deliciously crusty Italian bread and chewy foccacia with generous amounts of olive oil. I was explaining why I don’t eat dairy to some of my cousins as the entrees were being served and the waiter overheard. He told the kitchen and they ended up making me a fabulous, albeit enormous, plate of penne with sauteed garlic and olive oil. It was an incredibly decadent carbtastic meal.

I love big dinners with big families and this was definitely something I had been missing at school. I loved seeing all my cousins, sister, aunts, and uncles and everyone seemed so happy. My cousin Christine, whose confirmation we were celebrating, looked beautiful! It’s amazing, I always think of her as being so much younger than me but as the years go by it seems like that age gap decreases or at least loses some meaning.

Now I get to sleep in a big, warm, cozy bed in a room all to myself! Oh, the simple joys of life.

Emily ❤

Question: What simple things do you take for granted?

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