Happy One Week

Today marks one week of successful blogging! What did I do to celebrate? Nothing. I just realized that my blog is a week old as I sat down to type. Today was another one of those early days that ends by 10:30. I wasn’t feeling myself after my classes and came back to the dorm to nap. After I woke up I decided to go to the city, specifically 5th ave, because I haven’t spent much time uptown lately.

I walked by the TKTS booth in Times Square. The sun was shining even though the skies were a little cloudy.

It seems like everyone is getting ready for the holiday season. People were ice-skating and the Christmas tree at Rockefeller Center was up, though not decorated. Over the weekend my uncle said he saw the tree being escorted by police cars on the highway!

I spent a long time in Saks looking at gorgeous clothes, shoes, and makeup. I always see the same funny and nice man working at the Creed perfume counter and he always gives me a new fragrance to try. I also tried Dior’s lip plumping lipgloss which has mint in it and made my lips feel tingly. I definitely sense some future purchases.

After Saks, I headed over to St. Patrick’s Cathedral. I wanted to go to the mass at 5:30 (even though I’m not even Catholic) but decided I didn’t want to wait until then. Instead I just sat inside for a while. It was so peaceful and enjoyable.

Emily ❤

Question: Are you religious?

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