Circadian Rhythm?

The morning started off with me jumping out of bed for some apparent reason at 7:50. This was extremely bizarre and lucky because I fell asleep listening to my phone last night (which is also my alarm) and completely drained the battery. My roommate overslept for her 7:30 class and was so glad I woke her up. I didn’t have to be to class until 10:30 so I went to one of the computer labs to print my paper and other assignments. I met Caity there and we spent a while getting our shit stuff together which resulted in being about five minutes late. No biggie. We got a bunch of papers and work back; I got all A’s which surprised me because I felt that one of the papers was definitely not my best work. We ended up getting out at about 11:30 which is two (yes, TWO) hours earlier than scheduled! What did I do with that extra time? Well after I went to the bank I walked over to Barnes and Noble where I spent at least a good hour browsing through a whole bunch of magazines. It was so windy today I thought I was going to blow away while I was walking back.

Our RA wrote our names on these beautifully colorful leaves and posted them on our door. I love how it looks! Earthy chic? She is awesome.

Next on today’s agenda was the gym. I felt like I had to drag myself there but I always feel better after I sweat for a while. Then I got to work on some history and American Government homework as I ate dinner. There were sweet potatoes tonight, yummy. Last but not least was the basketball game! I went with my friend Greg and the game was close for a while, but we ending up winning. (STJ vs. Columbia) 🙂

Emily ❤

Question: What is your favorite sport to watch or play?

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