Monsters Under The Bed

So Lucy had to go to tutoring last night around 8:00. It always amazes us when she leaves the room because she is always here. The room we’re in is meant to be a double and therefore only has two closets. Katarina and I took dibs on the closets and Lucy got the dresser and single bed. The only bad thing about this is that Lucy is a slob. It is really disgusting. We have asked her to clean countless times and she says she will but never does. So when she left, we cleaned EVERYTHING. Including under her bed. Were there monsters? No, but some equally scary stuff.

This is her desk complete with a few of the findings. A frying pan in a bag, pumpkins from Halloween, and a giant knife. She also used to keep food in tupperware unrefrigerated for weeks on her desk until we realized and explained to her that that’s how bacteria and mold grows. Ugh. When we took her suitcases out from under her bed they were still stuffed with clothes and her dresser was stuffed with bags, shoes, and random things like batteries and coughdrops. Oh, and the garbage was insane. We threw away an entire bag and box full of trash.

The girl who we’re connected to by the bathroom is in a room meant for a triple and it is just her in there. So, she said we could use one of the closets for Lucy’s stuff. We hung and folded and hung and folded for at least two hours. We were really scared that she was going to be mad at us when she got back but she loved it. She was actually really happy!

It is amazing what some simple cleaning can do. Our room looks bigger and is such a more peaceful environment just because of that. 🙂 I just got back from the gym and it is time to wash up before my classes!

Emily ❤

Question: Do you feel more peaceful in a clean environment?

One response to “Monsters Under The Bed

  1. Yes! That is why I have no plans for the weekend other than cleaning this house from top to bottom. : ) I want it to shine for Thanksgiving.

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