Lazy Day

Yesterday before I went to class, I ate a nectarine. Let me tell you, this was one special nectarine. Or at least one very fertile nectarine. It had about four seeds in every section! I snapped a picture out of sheer amazement.

After classes I grabbed dinner with Greg and Caity. I had another salad, some fruit, and some improvisational trail mix (kashi heart to heart, chex, raisins, craisins, and sunflower seeds). Then Caity and I headed off to 23rd street. We went to Trader Joe’s and the Garden of Eden to get some snacks before going to the movie theater. We both ended up with freeze dried strawberries, mint water, a sesame honey brittle type thing for me, and peppermint candy cane JoJo’s for her (I taste-tested, verdict? Yum!). On our walk we noticed that The Empire State Building was lit up all beautifully for some reason.

There were loads of people the to see Harry Potter, but not so many that it was annoying. The movie didn’t start til 10:30 but we got there early to get good seats!

The subway system is constantly going through construction so we had to go downtown before going back uptown, what a hassle. We ended up getting home around 3:30ish only after enduring a scary cab driver. We were freezing so I pressed a button in the back seat that was for the air and he got really angry and yelled at me! No tip for you Mr. Meanypants.

I love that I can use the camera on the front of my iphone to take pictures. I hate guessing whether or not you have your entire face in the frame. And no, I am not ashamed to stop and take photos of myself. šŸ™‚

So today has been one of the laziest most relaxing days I have ever had. Really. I woke up and showered around 2:00. Then I was going to do laundry but the elevator is broken and the only way you can get to the laundry room is by taking the elevator. So instead I went into the lounge and watched the Food Network until it started getting dark and I realized I was extremely hungry. I gathered my computer and some text books and set off for the dining hall. Time to do some work and catch up on my Google reader. Sometimes doing nothing all day makes me feel guilty but today I am embracing the feeling.

Emily ā¤

Question: Do you have lazy days?

One response to “Lazy Day

  1. There is a camera on the front of the Iphone???? Seriously, thanks to your post I just learned that!
    Yay! I just checked it out.
    In regard to lazy days…yes, but not today. I have been busy cleaning for the daughters’ return. Can’t wait.

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