Another Day of Shopping

Caity and I went to the 34th street Herald Square area to do some shopping before we go home for Thanksgiving. I know, I know, I am constantly going shopping. But she had to buy her dad a knight figurine from Toys R Us and I got in touch with my inner kid and bought a box of crayons and a book of stickers. We also went to Lush which is a handmade bath and cosmetics shop. I bought myself a bath bomb and a surprise for my sister.

I had Show Choir tonight which went pretty well. When I came back to the room we were having some serious roommate issues about cleanliness. I could go on a rant for years about smelly bed sheets, greasy hair, and old food but I won’t. I am praying that next semester Katarina and I can just be in a double. Tomorrow is my last day of classes! I can’t wait to be home in my bubble bath with yummy things in the oven.

Emily ❤

Question: How often do you go shopping?

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