Tomorrow at this time I will be finishing up packing and heading off to JFK. I am too excited for words. Katarina just left and I might be a little bit jealous. Although, I’m sure Lucy and I will have loads of fun together… (sense the sarcasm?)

Today was a pretty lame day. I woke up around 6:00, made my cup of coffee, caught up on the latest TSA news, and headed to the computer lab. I printed out a few assignments that I didn’t even need for American Government… Oh well. Then I headed to History where I gracefully convinced the professor to give us a one page reflection about the reading instead of a quiz. He said he used to be a tough professor and then proceeded to let us out 20 minutes early. American Government was fantastic. It is truly my most difficult and most favorite class, it has completely changed everything I had thought about American Government. We usually spend some time discussing current events before we actually get started, today we talked about the increased security at airports.

I found this pretty funny. On a more serious note, there has been a lot of criticism about the new full body scans and pat downs. However, I am perfectly fine with having a full body scan if it is going to help preserve my safety and the safety of the country. I think there is probably something bigger going on in the grand scheme, and if that means temporarily giving up what we think are our “rights” in order to preserve our liberties long-term then so be it.

After my classes I took a quick nap until I was woken up by a Chinese conversation. So I went to the lounge and tuned into Keeping up with the Kardashians. Very unlike me but surprisingly enjoyable. I also went to the gym briefly but I have had a pounding headache since this morning so I kept it light.

Emily ❤

Question: Did you know the framers of the Constitution opposed a Bill of Rights?

One response to “Tomorrow

  1. Can’t wait! Safe travels.
    Love you sooo much!

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