Going Home

I am heading to the city with Greg in a little bit to do some last minute gift pick-ups. Then I will come back, finish packing, probably eat, and head to the airport. Last night at the dining hall I had and unexpected surprise. Usually the vegan options are slim picking other than the tofu which has been exhausted in my opinion. So after I had already eaten my typical salad, I went to grab some cereal and out of the corner of my eye… Seitan Marsala! With a little sign next to it labeled “vegan.” Oh somebody wanted a happy Emily. And guess what, after eating the seitan marsala my headache went away! It must have been magical seitan.

I added some extra mushrooms and broccoli from the salad bar and nuked it in the microwave for a minute. Is it sad to say this is the best-tasting food I’ve had in a while? Mmm deliciousness.

Today is my parents’ anniversary (Happy Anniversary MOM!). They are going out to dinner before picking me up from the airport and then a late-night Wegmans trip is in store. Can’t wait!

Emily ❤

Question: What’s the best thing you have eaten recently?

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