Black Friday and Leftovers

Today for the first time ever, my Mom, my Sister, and I went shopping on Black Friday. No we weren’t up at 5:00am, or waiting in lines wrapped around the block in an attempt to get the best deal on whatever the latest technology is. We actually didn’t leave until about noon and decided to avoid the mall at all costs. We hit up TJ Maxx, Christmas Tree Shops, Old Navy, and Marshalls instead. I ended up simply getting a black patent tote bag with a little pocket for my computer, and a grey cable knit cardigan. My Sister got tons of much-needed clothes and a new coat.

By the time we got home we were starving. I didn’t take many photos all day but for dinner my Mom had made turkey soup for her, my Dad, and Liv, and I heated up the leftovers and created something new out of the old.

Stuffed Mushrooms! This photo was taken just before I put them in the oven. I had bought two pints of mushrooms (one white and one baby portobello) from the store wednesday and only ended up using the baby portobellos for Thanksgiving; this was the perfect recipe to use up the white mushrooms.

1 Pint Whole Mushrooms
1/2 Stale Roll or Piece of Bread
1 Tsp Nutritional Yeast
Old Bay Seasoning
Apple Juice (or Water)

Directions: Preheat oven to 400 degrees Fahrenheit. Stem the mushrooms reserving half of the stems. Place the mushrooms cap-side-down in a small baking pan. Finely dice the reserved mushroom stems and combine with the finely crumbled roll or piece of bread (I used a slice of the Sweet Potato Pull-Apart Bread). Add nutritional yeast and about 1/4 to 1/2 teaspoon of Old Bay seasoning. Add a splash of apple juice or water to moisten the mixture and fill each mushroom cap allowing the filling to overflow. Sprinkle with Daiya Cheddar Cheese and bake for 20-30 minutes.

Emily ❤

Question: What do you do with leftovers?

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