Haircuts and Friends

My Sister and I went to get haircuts today! I took off FIVE inches and my hair is still long. After that we went shopping to get my dad some warm flannel shirts. When we came home my Mom and Sister wanted to go grocery shopping but I stayed home and baked more Sugar Peanut Butter Chip Cookies for them and half/modified recipes of Banana Muffins and Pumpkin Cookies for me.

I am kind of ready for this weekend to be over so I can stop making up excuses for eating like a PIG. Seriously, I didn’t know so much good food could fit into just a few days… 🙂

I went to our local Christmas tree lighting ceremony with my Dad because he was playing in the band there. It was freezing, thank God it didn’t last long. After that we came home and had another family dinner although before we left I had made a small tofu scramble and eaten my fair share of pumpkin cookies (I added chocolate chips, how could I resist?) and banana muffins. For dinner my family had ravioli and I made broccoli soup with a side of mixed baby greens and whole wheat toast. Some leftover stuffing may have also been involved.

After dinner I headed over to one of my best friend’s house to hangout with some friends. I love my college friends but there is something about high school friends that just doesn’t compare.

Besides feeling like I’ve gained ten pounds in four days, I have loved this break. I go back to school tomorrow and then its only nineteen days until Christmas break! Where did the semester go??

Emily ❤

Question: When is the last time you got your hair cut?


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