Seventeen Days

I woke up relatively early today, made my cup of coffee, and finished my speech and powerpoint for class today. I had two apples for breakfast but still had this empty feeling. Does that happen to anyone else when they eat apples? So, I headed out to print my speech outline and then to the dining hall for an early-ish lunch which was more fruit and a giant salad.

The apples in the picture aren’t the apples I had for breakfast. These babies were being smuggled out of the dining hall along with my water bottle filled with ice and half apple juice half watermelon infused water. I’m trying to get out of the habit of buying bottled water, especially with fruit infused water at the dining hall.

Caity and I were going to go to the tree lighting ceremony at Rockefeller Center but eventually decided against it. That’s okay with me, tonight will just be relaxing. I have no class tomorrow but will be attending some Discover New York research presentations by other students and writing a response to them for extra credit! My professor for DNY is holding me accountable for the lecture I missed when I went home for election day so the extra credit will make up for that.

Finals are coming up so quickly, I am nervous/anxious/excited for the semester to be over! Only 17 days and I will be hopping on another plane to come home for Christmas. 17 is my favorite number.

Emily ❤

Question: Do you use a refillable water bottle or do you buy bottled water?


One response to “Seventeen Days

  1. I need to get that seltzer contraption so I can make it at home and be more eco-friendly. Then my answer would be refillable.
    Glad it’s only 17 days. Miss you!

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