December Resolutions

Happy December!


The psychology of goal setting is pretty impressive in terms of outcomes. The linked article discusses how people who set goals for themselves are automatically and obviously “goal oriented” individuals. Setting goals for themselves for the future also makes them “future oriented” individuals. In turn, because these individuals go to the trouble to create goals for the future, they become psychologically motivated to achieve these goals making them “success oriented” individuals. In short, setting goals is the first step to success! Of course, constantly reviewing goals is what really ensures accomplishments.

After reading this and this I realized that goal setting, whether intentional or not, truly helps in the areas of motivation and achievement. I thought back to high school and how I was always (unconsciously) setting goals for myself whether they were academic, musical, athletic, artistic, etc. and these goals always brought reason to what I was doing. Even if I wasn’t always successful, I always had a sense of fulfillment. Now that I’m in college, I still see this pattern but I want to be more upfront with my goals. Besides, now I am too impatient to wait for the New Year to make some resolutions.

So December, here’s what is in store for you:

1. Let it go. I need to stop getting so irritated all the time. Dirty tupperware left out by the roommate for weeks shouldn’t be the source of such stress. It also leads to tension in the room. So, I will try my best to let these things go.
2. Sweat more. I had a good workout routine before I left for Thanksgiving so it shouldn’t be too hard to get back into that.
3. Stop eating so late. Snacking at night can sometimes lead to overeating (especially with a box of banana nut cheerios or dark chocolate covered almonds on my desk). When that happens, it sets a terrible tone for my morning as I fight off my food hangover, not to mention it completely messes up my digestive system.
4. Don’t put off doing laundry until the hamper is overflowing. I’m so bad with this and I really have no excuse not to do my laundry more often. It would be so much less of a hassle if my hamper wasn’t 327569418 pounds every time I lugged it to the laundry room.
5. Make a Christmas list for other people. I want to make a list of what to get my family and stick to it!

I think since they say the key to reaching your goals is constant review, I will revisit my goals several times throughout the month and evaluate my progress.

Emily ❤

Question: This was my first time sitting down and writing out my goals; do you write down your goals?


One response to “December Resolutions

  1. Yes, but then I forget where I put them.

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