Can’t Wait for Monday

I honestly never thought I would say this… But I cannot wait for Monday to get here. Why? Because I am exhausted with Show Choir and that is when our show is! Last night’s rehearsal started at 8:30pm and went until after 1:00am. I thanked my lucky stars that I didn’t have my 7:30am class today. I love singing and dancing and being on stage, and the group of people in Show Choir is fabulous, but it is getting kind of ridiculous. We are hoping practice doesn’t go too late tonight so we can do something, it is Friday after all. Of course we won’t be getting too crazy because we all have to be at practice again at 10:00am tomorrow morning.

Seeing Frankie yesterday was great. It is strange that we don’t hang out more often with both of us being in the city. All through high school we were travel buddies and we’re planning our annual trip to Florida for sometime in January.

This is a photo of us in Paris the summer of 2008. This was probably the best summer of my life. We spent a month with one of our friends at her apartment in Paris and traveled to Normandy and Bretagne as well. I was a vegetarian at this point in my life so I thoroughly enjoyed my tarts, croissants, macarons, and cheese while I was here. Oh, and bread with nutella for breakfast every morning. Oh, how my diet has changed!

Emily ❤

Question: Do you have a favorite summer? Where were you and what made it special?


One response to “Can’t Wait for Monday

  1. I have 2.
    Summer of ’75 was a memorable one. Got my first kiss by a blond-headed kid at Echo Bay Yacht Club. Thought it would be an awful summer b/c we couldn’t go to the country club anymore. The yacht club ended up being okay. Great music ruled the airwaves, and there were lots of new friendships to be made.
    BTW no one there had a yacht.
    (Interesting tidbit ebay was going to be echo bay but the domain name was already taken, not by the yacht club, but by a mining company out west.)
    Summer of ’85 I was backpacking through Europe. That was a great one!

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