Banana Smoothie Cheerios

I’ve had a cup of plain cheerios sitting on my desk for at least a week now but haven’t had a chance to pick up any nondairy milk. I can eat cereals like kashi heart to heart or honey nut cheerios dry, but plain cheerios need milk!

So even though I’ve already eaten dinner, I had to follow my craving. A few days ago I froze a banana that was starting to get overripe. I figured I could make a smoothie in the near future but hadn’t really felt like it. Until now!

I decided to make a thinner banana smoothie with cinnamon and use it as a milk replacement in my cereal. I am so happy I had this idea because it was insanely tasty.

In my Bella Cucina blender went half a frozen banana, two ice cubes, water, copious amounts of cinnamon, and a couple drops of liquid stevia. It would have been a great drink on its own but poured over cheerios with an extra dusting of cinnamon was heavenly.

Emily ❤

Question: How do you liven up boring cereals?

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