Things I Love This Frigid Thursday

The weather has been so cold lately! The temperatures have been below freezing and although we haven’t had any sticking snow we’ve seen a few flurries. Upstate has been seeing FEET of snow so I am thankful we don’t have that down here. When the weather starts getting cold I feel like my whole mind changes, I just don’t enjoy the cold weather at all… But I have to remind myself that there are so many things this time of year that have an air of positivity.

Here’s a list of what made me smile in the past week, inspired by Gala Darling:
❤ Performing for an audience
❤ Staying up late and sleeping in
❤ Kisses on the forehead
❤ Flurries
❤ Scheduled and unscheduled class cancellations
❤ Naps
❤ NYC at Christmastime
❤ Wearing scarves everyday
❤ Basketball games
❤ Sleeping in giant sweatshirts
❤ Cinnamon spice tea
❤ Finishing all my work for the semester
❤ Frozen grapes
❤ Making Christmas lists
❤ Cute intimate parties
❤ Kiss my face lavender soap
❤ Counting down the days til I go home
❤ Pictures of comfort foods

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❤ Emily

Question: What has been making you smile?

One response to “Things I Love This Frigid Thursday

  1. Things that made me smile this week:
    life overall
    Daughters will be home soon!

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