Good Morning World

Actually, good afternoon. I feel like I am always talking about how I don’t have classes but I really do have classes most of the time. But not today! It’s a “study day” which I will actually probably use to study.

Last night was our vocal motion cast party at Alexa’s apartment. It was seriously so much fun and was such an awesome memory-filled night. I probably can’t say that for everyone though…

We’re like a family though and that means everyone makes sure everyone else is safe. It also means there are no sketchy guys because hey, this is Show Choir. 🙂

We all voted on superlatives earlier in the week, some of them included smoothest in times of crisis, best swag, most likely to end up on Glee, you’re such a tool award, and mine: best mess-up facial expressions along with a whole bunch of other ones.

Emily ❤

Question: It’s chilly and bare in NYC, what’s the weather like where you are?

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