Trader Joe’s Candy Sticks

I took some time after my exams today just to walk around the city and do some shopping. I stopped into Trader Joe’s and after sampling some delicious coffee, spotted these old fashioned candy sticks!

They are all natural and completely adorable which basically meant there was no way I was leaving them on the shelf. I didn’t even make it onto the subway before I tried one. There are six flavors but you don’t know which ones are which, the first one I chose was yellow and cream colored. I’m pretty sure it was butterscotch. Whatever the flavor was, it was fabulous, sweet, and buttery.

These come individually wrapped and then packed in a nice little tin which is great for protection. They will travel home well with me for sure. As I type this, I’m savoring another one of these beloved candies. This one is classic peppermint and very appropriate for the season. Plus it makes for a great study snack, they say peppermint stimulates the brain!

Emily ❤

Question: Do you have a sweet tooth?


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