The Studying Continues

Today was my last day of Discover New York! Finally. We got our historical contextual analysis papers back. The assignment was to choose two or more historical artifacts relating to the Lower East Side. I chose Women Fart by Caroline Rothstein and Gala Darling’s blog, specifically her post “Radical Self-Hate? Stop The Madness!” I used these to support my argument that women are fighting back against being subliminally oppressed into looking and behaving a certain way. As she was handing back the papers she told us that if our name hadn’t been called that we would need to stay while everyone else could leave. After about 30 names were called, me, Caity, and two other girls were left at the end of class with the professor…

She said she brought our papers everywhere with her over the past month, to Pennsylvania when her husband ran the marathon, to Washington DC over Thanksgiving; she said she graded them thoroughly going through each and every paper with a fine tooth comb. She said she doesn’t give out easy A’s. She said our papers were great though! She asked us to email our papers to her so that she can use them for examples in her classes next year. And best of all, the four of us received A’s!

I’ve already spent the past four hours in the library with two of my classmates but I’ll soon be back to studying for what will be my most difficult final exam tomorrow: American Government. Last night I hung post-its above my bed and read and re-read the nine arguments of Judicial Expansionism until I fell asleep. And that is only one of the three essay topics we will have tomorrow. Three essays in an hour and twenty minutes? I’m already saying prayers. Unfortunately, when I return to my room those post-its will be gone. Did I just say unfortunately?? It should be FORTUNATELY because the bunk bed is gone! Katarina texted me and told me that facilities moved Lucy’s bed into the room next door (where she will be living now!) and that she and I have single beds! I couldn’t be happier.

Emily ❤

Question: What is/was your most effective way of studying?


One response to “The Studying Continues

  1. Hooooooooraaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyy!!!!!

    Studying? … It’s been a while. Studying with other people who have the same type of goals, and making connections with other things so it all makes sense.

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