Things I Love Thursday II.

So Lucy and Katarina got called to the residence life office while I was taking my American Government final because apparently we didn’t get the okay for Lucy to move until after the semester. Bummer. Lucy was going to have to pay $100.00 for each night that she slept in the other room but she and Katarina convinced the residence life director that Lucy had been sleeping on the floor and that we only moved the bed to make it easier for when we come back.

My American Government final went better than expected. We actually ended up writing FOUR essays in an hour and twenty minutes instead of three. I had to write an essay about The Basic Symbols of the American Political Tradition by Kendall and Carey, how our textbook addresses the issues surrounding constitutional rights such as free speech and searches and seizures, the nine arguments of Judicial Expansionism by my professor, Dr. Gangi, including the differences between interpretivists and noninterpretivists and what my opinion is regarding that, and an essay on several articles from our book Point-Counterpoint by Levine. Honestly, I actually enjoyed it.

I’m glad I spent eight or so hours studying and using up almost an entire stack of post-its. It paid off for sure. What didn’t pay off is how much coffee I drank and how much food I ate out of anxiety and stress. Granted it was mostly magic-pop and vegetables dipped in mustard, there was also a small plate of sweet potato fries and far too many honey-nut cheerios that somehow made it into my belly. Oh well. Now it’s time to study for Contemporary Government and Public Speaking, I’m so motivated.

But before I hit the books, here are some things from the past week that I’ve been loving:
❤ Shopping on 5th ave
❤ Old fashioned candy
❤ Post-its
❤ Sharpies
❤ Dark chocolate
❤ Christmas lights
❤ Study groups
Wine glasses
❤ Smart guys
❤ Downloading the Federalist Papers to my iPhone
❤ Reading them as my bedtime story
❤ Inigo Montoya
❤ The Merry Hempsters chapstick
❤ Phone conversations with my mom
❤ Lack of bunkbeds
Gingerbread cities
❤ Three classes done
❤ Two finals left
❤ One day til home

Emily ❤

Question: I’ll be celebrating the end of a successful semester when I get home, what are your plans for the weekend?


One response to “Things I Love Thursday II.

  1. Hanging out with you! Can’t wait! xoxoxoxoxomom

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