Home Again

I’m home! My finals went great and though I was excited to go home, saying goodbye was actually a little tough.

Katarina left a Christmas card, a giant candy cane, and some of my favorite dark chocolate on my desk while I was taking my finals. She is too thoughtful!

While Greg was walking me to the car, he pulled out a little ribbon-tied box from Coach. Inside was this NYC themed keychain. I was so surprised and so happy; I wasn’t expecting anything from anyone and it completely put me in the holiday spirit.

After I got through security at the airport I grabbed a water and some snacks. I tried these honey bbq Smart Fries which are “airpopped” not fried or baked. The entire bag was only 110 calories with 15 calories from fat. Were they good? Eh, I guess if you like munching on bbq flavored air… I also had an unpictured QBel double dark chocolate wafer bar. Definitely one of my favorite candies.

I made what I like to think is some good headway on The Federalist Papers during my flight. I have to say I really enjoy using the book app on my iPhone. From the airport, Mom and I went to Wegmans! We picked up some essentials like cannolis for her and a cart full of fruits, veggies, almond milk, cereal, nuts and some sweets for me.

Emily ❤

Question: Where will you be spending the holidays?

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