Eating the Rainbow

I started off breakfast with an apple. Then some cantaloupe. And then I realized I was unintentionally eating in ROYGBIV order. I decided to continue on with my day attempting to eat every color of the rainbow. Too much time on my hands?… Maybe.







I also got my browns and whites in the form of chocolate, nuts, cereal, and almond milk. Along with some sweets…

I spent my morning baking dog treats for Cheya.

I subbed in rolled oats in place of the all purpose flour and maple syrup in place of the honey.

They turned out beautifully and she loves them!

My afternoon consisted of making a surprise for my sister which will be posted about after Christmas. I also went to Walmart with my Mom and when I came back I made Puppy Chow! I made two versions using dark chocolate chips for one, and white chocolate chips for the other. It is addictive stuff, good thing I’m giving it away!

So, I just read the ingredients on the vegan essentials website and then ran to my trash to dig through and check the ingredients on my package. I have a huge problem with hydrogenated oil and can’t believe I bought these without realizing they contained it… Well, that definitely makes it easier for me not to munch on my white chocolate version.

Emily ❤

Question: How do you feel about hydrogenated oils?


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