La Befana

Today I spent the day with one of my best friends, Allison, in my Mom’s fourth grade classroom. They were doing “Christmas Around the World” with the other fourth grade classes and my Mom’s room was Italy. The students learned about  La Befana, an Italian figure similar to St. Nicolas, or Santa Claus who brings baked goods and gifts to children in Italy. They watched a short movie about La Befana and we passed out Italian cookies that we picked up from a bakery over the weekend.

Allison and I also talked to the Syracuse University english class (which we took our senior year) in the high school about our college experiences so far. It was so great to see past teachers and talk about school and everything.

Emily ❤

Question: What are your favorite ethnic foods?


3 responses to “La Befana

  1. Cannolis.
    Anything Italian.

  2. I remember going back to my high school and sharing things, visiting teachers, etc. It was always fun and a nice experience.

    Favorite dessert? Oh goodness! I don’t think I could choose.

  3. Good Idea fot the Befana… Greetings!!!
    NotitiAE for Befana at this link:

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