Baking and Nobaking

So I woke up in another baking mood. And that’s a good thing because now I have plenty of baked goods to bring to my work party and to leave around the house for the family.

The mish-mash of what I baked consisted of the oatmeal chocolate chip cookies, gingerbread biscotti, happy vegan chocolate chip cookies, nobake PB chocolate oat cookies, chocolate covered cookie dough, and the black cocoa brownies (not in the photo).

For work, I’m only bring the oatmeal chocolate chip, chocolate chip, and nobakes.

The black cocoa brownies are great but a little too fudgy in my opinion. Any ideas on how to get them more cakey?

My Mom is the official taste-tester of the household, she approves of everything except the gingerbread biscotti which she refuses to try. She says she’s not a fan of gingerbread but clearly she secretly thinks if dessert doesn’t contain chocolate, it’s not worth consuming.

14 “likes” and 14 comments? I have never had this many people concerned with my status! 🙂

Emily ❤

Question: What’s on the menu for your holiday meals?


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