Mishmash Day

This morning I did some yoga. For my cardio, Cheya took me for a walk, or more like a run. She gets so excited in the snow and that makes for  a great time galavanting around, chasing after pinecones, and losing tennis balls…

When we came in, it was lunchtime. I had spaghetti squash over spinach with tomato sauce, extra garlic, nutritional yeast, and some flax meal. She had dog food.

Meanwhile, my Mom put some clothes out to dry. What was she thinking??

She then proceeded to put the solidified sweaters in the dryer which resulted in the dryer door being thrown open by the frozen arms. Needless to say, it was a good laugh.

Later in the afternoon, my Sister and I took a trip to the mall where I purchased fake eyelashes and earl grey dark chocolate. Randomness due to my refusal to try on any clothes after this holiday eating/(lack of) exercise routine I’ve got going… 😉 And that the self-proclaimed chocolate connoisseur guy at the “Around the World” store had me convinced that this chocolate would be awesome. He was pretty much right.

Snacks today were grapes, clementines, almonds, and peanuts. And dinner was a complete mishmash of foods: Spinach, steel cut oats, and a mini whole wheat pita with pb&j. Dessert was the last Christmas cookie, a handful of chocolate chips and cheerios, and a few pieces of my earl grey dark chocolate. Plus coffee and almond milk. Whew.

Emily ❤

Question: Do you have a favorite clothing brand?

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