Good Morning!

I was up at 8:00 this morning. It may not seem like a big deal, but that’s early for me! It was snowing so I had my coffee and then went outside to play with Cheya. I took my Polaroid camera as well as a basic 35mm point and shoot camera with us.

The best kind of exercise is the kind you actually enjoy doing. This isn’t a structured workout by any means, but I seriously LOVE just running around outside with our puppy.

I don’t know if it was because I put the photo in my pocket to develop, or because it was cold, or because the film was old, but this Polaroid of her came out pretty bad. I’m hoping the other film develops better.

In other news, holding true to my “resolutions will be made accordingly” belief, I need to step up the healthy eating. I eat well all day… and then at night I fill up on cereal like I’m about to be shipped off to prison. So what am I going to do? I’ve given it a lot of thought and I’m going to eat raw for at least the next week. No, it will not be 100% raw because I will continue to drink coffee and almond milk (probably among other things). I just want the bulk of my nutrients to be coming from pure, raw foods. Actually, I usually switch to raw before something important (i.e. before a performance and during induction weekend at the BHOF) in order to keep my immunity strong. It always makes me feel great.

Emily ❤

Question: Have you ever gone raw? Short or long term?

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