Fruitful Day

This morning I did my 45 minute yoga fusion power video workout. Then I loaded up on fresh fruit. I had a sliced pear with cinnamon while watching Doctor Oz. Grapes were soon to follow before I relaxed in the bathtub with a bath bomb from Lush. And before I headed out the door, I grabbed an apple.

Cheya was clearly not interested in Doctor Oz’s “fixes for sleep problems, stress, and weightloss under $5.00” segment.

After my Mom finished teaching, we made a grocery run to Wegmans and grabbed a quick lunch-ish snack (Salad bar heaven!). Later on I cooked dinner for my parents which was a whole wheat pizza topped with daiya and sauteed onions and mushrooms along with a side of asparagus. Raw veggies ruled my plate.

Dessert was a sliced banana, almonds, a couple of dates, a dried fig, and a mug of almond milk hot cocoa. I see a possible second mug in my future. 😉

Emily ❤

Question: I almost always love cooking and baking for others, do you cook for others even if you’re not going to eat what you prepare?

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