Biker Chicks

When I woke up this morning I had my coffee, hung out with my Grandparents for a while, and then took a walk to the ocean.

They live in a gated community though and I didn’t bring the key to get out nor did I know the security code to get back in.

So where did that leave me? Feeling slightly mischievous of course. I squeezed between the exit gates on both my way out and back in. These are the times I thank God I’m not obese.

The weather has been beautiful all day today and even though it’s only about 64, it feels much warmer to me.

The sun rises over the ocean and it was beautiful as always, although it was a bit windy.

There weren’t many people out on the beach but there were loads of shells.

When I got back from my walk my Sister had just woken up and neither of us had eaten breakfast yet. So, I made waffles for her and had a few watermelon chunks, half an orange, and an apple for myself. Then we decided to go to the pool. My Grandparents own a lot in the community next door which has a few pools, a hot tub, tennis courts, and a recreation center.

We rode our Grandparents bikes, fully equipped with baskets. Put Your Records On by Corinne Bailey Rae was playing in my head.

We made it to the pool, only to find out that it was unfortunately closed. 😦 We still stuck around with the old folks and sunbathed for a while. Then my sister left me to go to the ocean and I decided to bike over to Publix. The ride there was pleasant. The ride back was not so pleasant. I was riding against some majorly strong winds and I’m not much of a bike rider. Plus the distance was way longer than I remembered from driving… It probably took me an hour total there and back.

At Publix I picked up some coconut water and Wasa light crisps. Perfect for a light lunch.

I had two crisps and spread some Jack Daniel’s Southwestern mustard on one of them and topped with thinly sliced cucumber. I also had a bunch of carrots with some more spicy mustard for dipping. I was really craving hummus, but mustard will do! Walnut snackage or something will be in the near future for a nice dose of good fats.

Later tonight, we’re having a birthday dinner for my Sister. My Grandma is making chicken and leaving me in charge of the sides. Oh the pressure! I’m thinking about making pumpkin pull-apart bread, salt and vinegar potatoes and veggies, and of course a salad. Any other suggestions?

Emily ❤

Question: What’s your favorite thing about warm weather?


One response to “Biker Chicks

  1. Oh where do I begin?
    1. Not having to muster the energy to get out of a warm bed into the chilly air.
    2. Not having to dry my hair before I go outside.
    3. Being able to slip into a pair of sandals instead of putting on socks and shoes.
    4. Not having to warm up my car.
    5. Not having to wear a coat and scarf.
    I guess it comes down to just about everything I do is more enjoyable and less time consuming when it is warm out.

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