Sugar Free & Things I Love VII.

There was no snow here when I left for Christmas break. Now it’s a dingy white-ish brown mess.

Anyway, English went as well as it could have even though we went 15 minutes over the scheduled ending time. On the first day! Hm, oh well. I was hungry so I immediately headed to dinner after class. It was a similar meal to lunch with an added baked sweet potato and a nice helping of hummus.

In other news, I am going sugar free for the week (simply meaning no added sugars, fruits and other whole foods are fine)! I’m sure I can do it. Especially with stevia on my side. 😉

Here’s what I’ve been loving:

❤ Swimming
❤ Going outside without a coat
❤ Bicycles with baskets
❤ Shell hunting
❤ Baking
❤ "Boys are like trolley cars, one's coming along every hour."
Cigarette skylines
❤ Memories
❤ Rational discussions
❤ Bubble baths
❤ Apple cinnamon pure bar
❤ Cocoa Village
❤ Nuts
❤ New music on iTunes
❤ Eyelash curlers
❤ Sales
Typographic Portraits
❤ Story exchanging
❤ Phone calls from home
❤ Starting new classes
❤ Setting new goals (!)

Emily ❤

Question: Has anything been making you smile?

3 responses to “Sugar Free & Things I Love VII.

  1. I don’t know what cocoa village is, but I want to live there. Unsweetened of course. With stevia.

    Everytime I see the ❤ symbol, I don't see a heart. I see an ice cream cone. 🙂

  2. Hahaha! Putting the cocoa in cocoa village sounds like a good plan; real estate would be pretty lively amongst pms-ing females (and you know, just about everyone else on the face of Earth).

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