Grocery Girl

The university dining hall can only sustain a picky vegan girl for so long. Therefore a trip to the grocery store today was much needed. Is it just me or does everything seems so much more expensive when you’re spending your own money on groceries than when your parents are buying for you? Of course my Mom puts money into my account every now and then for this purpose, but today it was all me. Actually, technically speaking everything down here in NYC is more expensive than upstate. I spent over $60.00 on the following items:

Unsweetened Almond Breeze
Dried Coconut Chips
Spicy Brown Mustard
Irish Oatmeal
Kashi GoLean
Kashi 7 Wholegrain Puffs
Polaner All Fruit Raspberry Jam
Sun Dried Tomato & Basil Hummus
Organic Baby Carrots
Soy Crisps
Rice Cakes
Instant Coffee
Unsweetened Strawberry Apple Sauce

Actually, looking back on this I got a lot for my +$60.00 but that could’ve been a new pair of jeans. Or new shoes sneakers. Or lots of accessories. It could’ve been plenty of things but that’s the price many of us pay to feel good about what we eat. After all, in my book health, body, and mind come before anything else. I think it would be interesting to go to my grocery stores upstate, buy the same things, and compare the totals.

On the bus ride back, I broke into the soy crisps. They are pretty tasty and not highly addictive so thats good. They also have a pretty simple ingredient list (Low fat non-GMO soy flour, rice, mid oleic sunflower oil, sea salt) and a good amount of protein and fiber.

Being forced to pay for an unlimited meal plan as a freshman makes me feel guilty for not eating at the dining hall. So I do eat a salad there just about every day and what I buy at the store is more supplemental in the sense that eating just at the dining hall wouldn’t be sufficient for me in terms of protein and fats (in forms that meet my standards that is). Luckily the salad bar is pretty decent. Today’s dinner was spring mix, mushrooms, olives, bamboo shoots, ginger carrots, broccoli, and hummus with a side of roasted peppers and potatoes (the potatoes were gross though and I didn’t eat them). I also snagged some fruit and filled up my 32oz. water bottle with lemon infused water.

Emily ❤

Question: How do you save money when grocery shopping?


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