Sugar Free Week Ending & Things I Love VIII.

I’ve made it a whole week without sugar! That means no sugar in my morning coffee (I’m a longtime stevia user), no sugar in my cereals (I’ve been eating lots of oatmeal with fruit and Kashi 7 Whole Grain Puffs), and no candy or dark chocolate. What’s the verdict? I don’t feel a whole lot different but then again I wasn’t consuming sugar by the bucketful in the first place. Sugar is part of a healthy diet (in moderation, duh) and I’m happy to reintroduce it into my diet again!

I spent a good chunk of my morning in the laundry room and now have plenty of clean clothes to get me through until I decide it’s time to do laundry again. Just kidding. I really need to do my laundry more often!

My dresser is completely full. I don’t think I could fit anything else into it if my life depended on it.

After putting my clothes away, I did some dorm friendly exercises, wrote some postcards, and set out, braving the mounds of snow, in search of a mailbox.

Anyway, here’s what I’ve been loving:

❤ Resourcefulness
❤ Luck of the Irish
❤ A fully stocked fridge
❤ Leg warmers
Hey Jude
❤ Emails from Grandma
❤ Anticipating warmth and sunshine
❤ Waking up early (without an alarm clock)
❤ Honesty
❤ Betsy Johnson socks
❤ Going makeup-less
❤ Planning for my Mom’s visit in February!
❤ Stevia
❤ Sistertalk
4 perfect circles
❤ Snow days
❤ New shoes
❤ Dates dipped in almond butter
❤ Feelings of accomplishment
❤ A dream come true for sun-lovers
❤ Planning, planning, planning

Emily ❤

Question: What’s making you happy?

3 responses to “Sugar Free Week Ending & Things I Love VIII.

  1. Report cards are done!

  2. Yay, congratulations!

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