The Larabar Experience III.

So with class from 1:30-4:30 a girl can get all sorts of hungry. That’s where Larabar steps in. She comes in fabulous flavors like cherry and pecan pie, but my favorite as of now is apple pie.

I love apples. Apple crisp, apple sauce, apple chips, apples smothered in almond butter, apple computers and iPhones, pineapple (okay, I’m lame and realize those last few probably don’t count…). But anyway, now added to the list of Emily loves all things apple is the apple pie Larabar.

Moving on.

If you were wondering what I do in my spare time, these pictures might help explain.

Apple’s photobooth application is highly addictive.

I may or may not have lost track of time while taking these before I quickly yanked on my uggs and power-walked to class…

Hey, it’s ok! I made it there with time to spare. 🙂

I tried these delicous Chip’Ins last night, sent to me with love from my Mom. They are like popcorn in chip form and it’s kind of amazing. They are salty and crunchy but I’ll be honest, while they’re lower in fat they’re probably not much healthier than their potato counterparts. Good for a treat but not a dietary staple!

Emily ❤

Question: Favorite unhealthy snack?

One response to “The Larabar Experience III.

  1. sweet: cannolis
    salty: nachos

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