Hot Date With Plato

Leave it to me to put off reading The Republic by Plato for my Western Political Thought class tonight until about midday yesterday. I had started it Sunday but wasn’t even halfway through… Luckily I found it pretty interesting and had no trouble finishing it!

When I got back to my dorm last night I checked our mailbox for the first time since we’ve been back and was happily surprised by a note from my Grandma! I had written her a postcard about two weeks ago and she replied using the adorable notecards I gave her for Christmas! Things like this make my day. 🙂

While finishing up some other homework, I popped some all natural popcorn that my Mom sent me and broke into some Endangered Species dark chocolate.

My morning so far has consisted of coffee, blog reading, an extremely sweaty 4 mile run (the gym was hot today), a quick shower, and a sweet juicy pear. I’m off to Psychology in a few!

Enjoy your Tuesday!

Emily ❤

Question: Have you ever gone on a date with Plato?


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