Re-Engaging The World Symposium

My Comparative Political Systems professor organized a symposium on the Obama administration and the institutions of global governance which took place today at our Manhattan campus in TriBeCa. Just as a side note, I love the word symposium. I missed my Philosophy and State & Local Government classes today but notified my professors ahead of time because I didn’t want to miss this opportunity. Plus my professor who organized it offered us extra credit. Too good to pass up!

It gave me an excuse to break out my extremely versatile Miley Cyrus skirt which is neither too dressy nor too casual for such an affair. I paired it once again with a pair of sweater tights and uggs along with a warm grey H&M turtleneck sweater, and a belt from Forever21. Pearl earrings, my charcoal wool Calvin Klein coat, and my gorgeous Michael Kors bag pulled it all together.

Eventually I set out with my “government family,” otherwise known as a few of my favorite government and politics majors. We all met last semester and bonded over the excessive readings, studying, and stress of our first semester. This semester we all happen to have some of our government classes together again!

At the symposium, there were Doctors and Professors from Seton Hall University, Clark University, George Washington University, NYU, Columbia University, and of course St. John’s University. Overall it was a thought-provoking presentation and though we left early we were definitely enlightened.

When I got back I was starving! Not planning ahead I had only eaten an apple and packed nothing to munch on while out and about. I hit up the dining hall pretty quickly for a giant salad which could be considered a very late lunch followed by cereal and carrots dipped in hummus back in my room which could be considered dinner… I suppose. A nice square of dark chocolate makes any strange eating schedule okay though!

So, Trader Joe’s tomato and basil hummus is pretty good. It’s a little thinner than typical hummus but still very flavorful. It is possible that I stopped dipping carrots and started dipping my finger instead… 🙂


Emily ❤

Question: Are there any words that you really love?


2 responses to “Re-Engaging The World Symposium

  1. Loquacious is my favorite word. It’s kind of fitting for me… lol. 😉
    I also like bittersweet but less because of its sound and more because I think it’s so applicable to… well, life in general.

    And I LOVE that tomato basil hummus and would happily eat it with a spoon. I think I probably have. I also just discovered their eggplant hummus which is also a little thinner than normal hummus but is entirely delicious!

    Love your blog! 🙂

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