Central Park: Six Miles

The weather today was incredible, and what better way to enjoy it than running in central park?

I went with my friend Danielle who is also a runner and we finished in well under an hour which surprised me! I figured running in prime conditions on the treadmill would leave me slow and unprepared for changing terrain and wind.

There were so many runners out and I didn’t feel so crazy for smiling during 90% of the run because everyone else seemed as happy as I was! There was a guy in front of us when we first started who looked like he came straight from the 70s (he had and afro and was wearing flared sweatpants). He was with his wife and was cheering her and everyone else around them on!

When we finished the 6 mile loop, we headed to the subway for the quick ride back to the university.

The train was relatively empty, perfect for stretching!

While we were high off endorphins, we decided this might become a weekly tradition.

Emily ❤

Question: Have you ever ran in central park?

One response to “Central Park: Six Miles

  1. No. But maybe someday. : )

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