Sneaky Ingredients

First off, today was a beautiful day. It was nowhere near as warm as yesterday, but it was bright and crisp. I was also able to look past the near freezing temperatures because the forecast for the next few days is mid to high 50s! I am SO excited.

I got in a 4 mile run at the gym this morning, had class from 12-3, ate lunch, talked to my mom, hung out in the study lounge for a few hours and then headed to one of the cafeterias I frequent less often.

I’m all about eating whole foods and from the description of Au Bon Pain’s Garden Vegetable Soup, you’d think it was just that: A mélange of fresh Vegetables, Carrots, Onions, Celery, Corn, Green Peppers, Zucchini, Tomatoes, and Broccoli Florets simmered in a Vegetarian Stock with fresh Herbs, Garlic, and Seasonings.

When I was about 3/4 of the way through my cup I visited the Au Bon Pain website where I was confronted with the actual (and surprising) list of ingredients: Water, Crushed Tomato (Tomatoes, Tomato Puree, Olive Oil, Salt, Citric Acid), Onion, Corn, Cabbage, Carrot, Broccoli, Celery, Zucchini, Green Bell Pepper, Vegetable Base [Cooked Vegetables (Carrot, Onion, Celery), Salt, Sugar, Corn Oil, Potato Flour, Carrot Powder], Wax Beans, Vegetarian Base (Water, Salt, Hydrolyzed Soy and Corn Protein, Soy Protein Concentrate, Corn Oil, Onion Powder, Autolyzed Yeast Extract, Flavoring, Soy Protein Isolate, Sugar, Garlic Powder, Turmeric), Mushroom Base [Cooked Mushrooms, Potato Flour, Dry Whey (Milk), Yeast Extract, Unsalted Butter (Cream, Natural Flavoring), Flavoring, Salt, Onion Powder], Tomato Sauce (Tomato Puree, Salt, Citric Acid, Onion Powder, Garlic Powder), Sherry Wine (Sulfites), Roasted Garlic, Spices, Salt, Pepper Sauce (Vinegar, Red Pepper, Salt), Curry Powder (Spices including Turmeric, Black Pepper, Red Pepper, Mustard).

This is why I don’t eat fast food.

We were good up until we got to the “vegetarian base” and “mushroom base.” Whey and butter? Really?

The soup itself was actually pretty tasty and I’m not about to beat myself up over it. If anything, this just reinforces my obsessive compulsive need to read food labels on everything I eat.

Emily ❤

Question: Have you ever fallen victim to deceitful food companies?

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