Speed Demon

Confession: I hate sprinting. It has never appealed to me. Even in high school when I was doing 200 or 400 meter sprints I loathed every second of every speed workout and every second of the race. I am just not fast! Instead, I like endurance running. I would rather run a few miles than a few sprints any day. But, if you want to run faster, you’ve got to train faster. And so, today was a speed workout day.

7×400 = Lots of sweat.

I started off with a very easy 400 meter warmup, then a 400 meter sprint, then a 400 meter jog, until I had done 7 sprinting 400s. I finished with some jogging to cool down and then stretched.

I’ve been spending a lot of time stretching out my hips and attempting to stretch out my lower back because I am almost positive I have sciatica caused by piriformis syndrome. 😦 I’m fine when I am active but sitting in class is torture. The pain isn’t sharp or unbearable but it’s constant, very distracting, and prolonged sitting seems to be even more aggravating.

I’ve actually had mild pain for a few weeks now but wasn’t worried about it until I read this article on stress fractures. So, I consulted one of my best friends, Allison, who runs track and cross country for a fabulous university. In addition to being a NYS champion running guru, she is also a genius and was valedictorian of our graduating class.

She’s the one in the sneakers. 🙂

Anyway, she told me to look into sciatica and piriformis syndrome and I definitely think she was on to something. Apparently her mom has the same problem but stretching and yoga seem to help.

On another positive note, maybe I should schedule a massage?

Emily ❤

Question: Any tips for sciatica?

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