I can’t wait for the weekend to begin. Actually, it is going to be filled with loads of homework so I am prepared for next week when my Mom comes! I don’t want to be preoccupied with homework when there’s mother daughter shopping, show seeing, and eating to be done.

Miami Beach last year.

I thought about not going to the gym this morning because I didn’t get a very good night’s sleep. But I convinced myself to get my booty over there and ended up doing an enjoyable 45 minutes on the elliptical. 🙂 Now I’m munching on an apple, some blueberries, and strawberries before I head off to class!

Emily ❤

Question: What are you doing this weekend? Anything exciting to look forward to?

One response to “TGIF!

  1. Um you and your mom are the cutest. 🙂 As i mentioned I’m having a lovely low-key family-type weekend which has been super fun! 🙂 not EXCITING but… fun 🙂

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