Seventh Heaven

It’s long run Sunday! Danielle and I headed to Central Park this morning to complete seven miles. Our plan wasn’t followed through so perfectly although our average mileage did come out to seven miles. Along the hill in the northern most part of the park, I lost Danielle and since the outer loop of the park is only 6 miles, I figured I would loop around at the bottom of the park at 66th street.

Well, I couldn’t really figure out where that was so I ended up running through the mall where the literary walk is and coming across and down at about 71st street. I figure that was probably a little less than 2 miles. So my run ended up being an unplanned 8 miler (give or take).

Danielle got a side stitch while she was running and decided to walk for a little bit and cut her run down to the 6 mile loop. Props to her for listening to her body!

It was so gorgeous out, the skies were clear and blue and the sun was shining strongly. I really enjoyed my run! When we finally found each other afterwards we headed to a little cafe to talk and eat some fresh fruit.

We were freezing from being so sweaty but the fruit was delicious and my Tazo passion tea warmed me up.

A much needed hot shower was taken upon returning, followed by a trip to the laundry room. Time to get more school work done!

Emily ❤

Question: Favorite place to run?

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