Breaking and Entering

So, I headed to the gym this morning only to find it completely empty with the lights off. As I peered through the window, disheartened, I tried the door handle. Unlocked. So, I mean how hard are they really trying to keep people out? Of course I went on in and hopped on the elliptical for a quick cardio workout. I don’t think going to the gym has ever felt so thrilling.

I apologize for the blurry picture but I had to illustrate how creepily abandoned it seemed. Had I not been worried about being permanently banned from the gym if I got caught, my 15 minutes would have been extremely peaceful. I finished up and headed out into the hallway (minimizing my chances of being punished for what is clearly badass behavior) to do my stretching and pushups etc.

But hey, I didn’t walk through sloppy, slushy snow to not break a sweat.

I have today off and my Mom is flying in SOON!

Emily ❤

Question: Have you ever gotten caught being somewhere you shouldn’t have been? Or doing something you shouldn’t have been doing?


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