John’s of 12th Street

I woke up this morning ready for a 4.5 mile run. The hotel’s gym, though small, is pretty nice. There were a few TVs and one was directly in front of me. Reading CNN’s subtitles while running definitely made the 42 minutes fly by!

After I showered, I hung out for a while, watched Regis & Kelly, read blogs, and eventually got ready for the day. I then headed back to the university for my one and only class of the day (my other class got cancelled). After class I went to Starbucks to catch up with a friend before heading back into the city to meet my Mom. We were both starving by about 6:00, so we headed to John’s of 12th Street.

We started with the vegan bruschetta, garlic toast topped with avocado and tomato. So good! I could probably eat this every day and be happy.

My Mom ordered the nonvegan eggplant parmesan which came with a side of spaghetti. I had a nice helping of her spaghetti and it was delish.

I ordered the grilled portobello mushroom with polenta and greens. It was outstanding! Everything was so flavorful. We ended up bringing about half the mushrooms home (only after one of the waiters ran out the door to bring us our forgotten bag, oops!) along with my Mom’s pasta.

When our waiter, Patrick Dempsey (all kidding aside he really looked like McDreamy), offered us the dessert menu we couldn’t resist.

We had unpictured coffees and split the vegan cannoli which almost escaped being photographed.

Along with Lula’s cookies and cream ice cream.

A perfect ending to a fabulous meal!

Emily ❤

Question: What’s your favorite Italian food?

One response to “John’s of 12th Street

  1. I LOVE gnocchi! Best Italian invention ever 😉

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