Things I Love Thursday XII.

Happy Thursday! The past week has been so amazing. So, here’s what I’ve been loving:

❤ Fabulous dinners
❤ Silk
❤ Jeopardy!
❤ Shoe shopping
❤ My workouts
Thread installations
❤ San Pellegrino
❤ Pearl earrings
❤ Sunshine (is this always on my list?)
Whale tissue holder
❤ Excitement
❤ Unfamiliarity
❤ Evading "creepers"
Too cute!
❤ Lotion that smells like orange creamsicles
❤ "I want to be like you when I grow up."
❤ Being given awesome new music
❤ My favorite people
❤ Story time
Recreating old photos
❤ Good looking males
❤ The mexican quintet on the subway
❤ Bonding over AOPA and GK
❤ Still occasionally having those "Oh-my-God-I-live-in-NYC" moments
❤ Advocating self-love
❤ My Mom in NYC!
❤ Ordering takeout from Zen Palate

Emily ❤

Question: Are you close with your parents?

One response to “Things I Love Thursday XII.

  1. Oh shoe shopping sounds like a lot of fun! You have a lovely Blog!

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