Falafel Fix

My workout this morning was a tough 20 minute “random hill” on the elliptical. After that I did an arms workout and a little bit of abs. On my way back from the gym I ducked into the computer lab to tweak one of my papers and print it out for class.

When I got back I had an apple and some Kashi GoLean for breakfast. Shortly thereafter I got ready for class and headed out the door. It was a relief to finally hand in one of my papers and be able to fully focus on my one due tomorrow. Of course after class I headed to my favorite study place, the dining hall. After I had piled my plate high with salad I perused the rest of the options and was happily surprised to see falafel!

I have been craving falafel since I saw this recipe for falafel burgers. I ended up eating four of them because well, why not? Upon returning to my room to finish writing this paper in the comfort of my bed, I’ve been feeding my brain with more veggies and hummus along with some cereal.

Emily ❤

Question: Do you have any favorite study snacks?

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