Things I Love Thursday XIII.

Here’s a brief “things I love Thursday” before I get back to the books…

❤ Intellectual discussions
❤ The feeling of relief
❤ Mini soft pretzels
❤ Trads
This is slightly disturbing
❤ Listening to my body
❤ Summer plans
❤ Meeting new people
❤ Too awesome for a bedroom
❤ Spring weather
❤ Lounging around in PJs
❤ Oh how I love this video
❤ Clean laundry
❤ Accomplishments
❤ Feeding my snack addiction
❤ Running around with crazy busy to-do lists
❤ Helpful meetings
❤ Planning a lunchdate at S’Mac
❤ Larabars
❤ "Super-Emily"

Confession: I ate three of those mini pretzels. And a bowl of rice krispies. I think the serious amount of veggies I ate earlier today balances out those simple carbs though, right? 🙂

Emily ❤

Question: How is March treating you so far?

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