Things I Love Thursday XIV.

First off, let’s recap yesterday. In addition to my gym excursion, I made black bean brownies, using oats instead of flour and one very large banana instead of two, omitting the cinnamon, and adding a splash of vanilla almond milk and my leftover iced coffee to make the blending easier. I would probably add even more cocoa next time. I love my chocolate!

There’s a resemblance there, no? But don’t let that cracked and dry appearance fool you, the insides of these were fabulously gooey and fudgy. When I first cut into them after just a few moments out of the oven I was a little worried that they wouldn’t set up but after a while they became sturdier.

Anyway, today I went to the gym for an easy 3 mile run plus some abs. I wasn’t able to swim because there were private lessons going on and I didn’t want to wait until 12:00 just to get in the pool. When I got home I had my typical salad for lunch topped with Walmart brand white corn and black bean salsa (it’s actually really good!) with some carrots and hummus and an apple on the side.

Now for the things I’ve been loving this past week:

❤ Seeing the originator of Things I Love Thursday!
❤ Blood oranges
❤ The gym
❤ Swimming
Clement Valla
❤ STJ vs. Syracuse this afternoon..!
❤ PB&J on toast and in a pita
Sleep > Food
❤ Being done with midterms
❤ Purple toenails
30 things we need, 30 things we don’t
❤ Mac & Cheese
❤ The first half of Titanic
❤ Exchanging emails
❤ Stories with beginnings and middles
❤ Cutesy photo of the week
❤ Love
❤ My kitchen
❤ Getting excited about Europe
❤ Good friends
❤ Cute lifeguards
❤ Those Mayans
❤ Back to December

Emily ❤

Question: What has been making you smile?


3 responses to “Things I Love Thursday XIV.

  1. haha…i totally thought that second photo was a real brownie pic. glad they at least tasted gooey…not as arid as the desert!

  2. I’ve never heard of black bean brownies before! They look delicious. I read your other post about them..does it smell better after baking? haha.

  3. What other post? They smell & taste great both before & after baking! Definitely not beany but not especially brownie-like. They’re more like a healthy tasting fudgebrownie hybrid. But delicious & not guilt inducing when you lick the batter out of the blender & eat all of the brownies within a 48 hour timespan. 😀

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