Back To The Concrete Jungle

Well, I’m back in NYC! My Dad had to go to Connecticut for some aviation related things and decided it would be easiest to bring me along and drop me off on his way there. We left at about 3:45am and I made it to school a little after 9:00. That’s pretty quick considering all the traffic and roads that were closed due to the flooding.

Before we left, I made microwave banana blueberry oat cakes. I didn’t have any blueberries on hand so I subbed strawberries instead, used 1 cup of oats plus a splash of almond milk, and made about 7 small “cakes” that were more like dense chewy cookies.

I brought them along in a plastic baggie and heated one up upon arrival to my dorm room. Delish!

I will probably get started on some readings for my classes. Or take a nap…

Oh, I found the video on espn3 of the St. John’s v. USF game with me chanting hey, you suck! I took a picture of it with my iPhone…

Bad quality photo, good quality memory.

Emily ❤

Question: Have you ever baked with the microwave?


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