Ten Miles & Maoz

What a gorgeous day to run ten miles! The high was 55 and the skies were blue with plenty of sunshine! I am always nervous about being too cold on a run but as soon as I stepped outside this morning I was worried about being too warm. It was very Springlike which made for an extremely enjoyable run.

After my ten miles I walked to the nearby Trader Joe’s to pick up a post workout Clif bar for a snack and some toothpaste (I left my favorite Tom’s of Maine at home).

I chose a new-to-me flavor, peanut toffee buzz which I broke into it while waiting in the excessively long checkout line. I really enjoyed it!

After my Trader Joe’s stop, I headed over to Maoz Vegetarian because I bought a Groupon for there a while back. I ended up getting the salad box which comes with lettuce and falafel and I then proceeded to top it with just about everything from the salad toppings bar.

That thing weighs a ton. I am currently working my way through it and so far everything is awesome. My only problem is that there is some cilantro in there, which tastes like soap to me, but not enough to prevent me from enjoying my lunch.

Emily ❤

Question: Do you ever use Groupon? What do you think of vegetarian chain restaurants?


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