Springing Ahead

Despite the lost hour of daylight savings, I woke up earlier today than I’ve woken up in the past week. I was up at about 6:30 which is actually more like 5:30! I am definitely feeling yesterday’s run and decided that a brief yoga workout would probably be most beneficial to my body. I get my yoga workouts from here where you can download free 20 minute classes!

While I was surfing around the internet this morning, I found this post from Lauren’s Latest. You can enter a $100.00 Visa card giveaway sponsored by So Delicious and BlogHer by commenting on her post or blogging or tweeting about it!

A couple days ago I tried this chocolate coconut milk box. It was super chocolatey and delicious.

Also, So Delicious is doing a 100 Days of Change Giveaway that can be entered through Facebook. Go check it out!

Can you tell I’m a fan?

Emily ❤

Question: Have you ever tried So Delicious coconut milk?

2 responses to “Springing Ahead

  1. I love So Delicious coconut milk! The chocolate is über delicious! And I just heard they’re coming out with coconut milk egg nog and chocolate mint for the holidays! YUM!

  2. Ooh, that’s news to me! Yum is right!

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